Pelion mt.

The mountain of Centaurs

Pelion, is the famous mountain of Magnesia region, in central Greece.

It is located very close to the city of Volos (and the airport of Nea Anchialos), only 4 hours drive from Athens or 3 hours from Thessaloniki.


Monument of a Centaur – Anakasia,Pelion Mountain Greece

Additionally, Pelion is close to Sporades islands of west Aegean sea where someone can easily travel by boat from the port of Volos. Pelion, or “The mountain of Centaurs”, is famous because of the several mythological events and stories that, as it is said, took place there.

The Olympian Gods spent their summer time in Pelion, Centaur Cheiron, the teacher of Achilles of Troy, lived here, Jason and Ulysses started their great journey with the Argo boat from Volos and many more.

The truth is though, that Pelion was connected to these kind of fascinating stories because of its special natural environment. It is a place that somebody can enjoy a rich natural surrounding combining the mountain and the oak forests with the sea and the light blue waters of the Aegean.

While exploring Pelion, there are many different things that can drag someone’s attention.

Firstly, the many different pathways through the green forest that connect villages or lead shortly to central squares and seasides.

There is also the traditional architecture of Pelion. Almost all residences are white colored, with several wooden windows and the easily recognized “grey roof” and even the churches (some older than 300 years old) follow similar architectural traditions. Lastly, during the winter there is the option of visiting the Agriolefkes Ski center in Hania either for skiing or enjoying a cup of hot coffee in the chalet.

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