The Villa

Sunny all day and with amazing sea view

Villa En-Helion is located in the north-eastern side of Pelion mt., above Agios Ioannis at the edge of the village Anelion, between the places Kissos and Agios Demetrios.

At the opposite slope of the mountain you can see the village of Makryrahi and at your right the endless blue of the Aegean sea, beyond Agioi Saranta and Plaka beaches.

Just at the “meeting point” of these villages, at the side of the national road of the mountain, Stasinopoulos family decided to create a traditional guesthouse. In a land of almost 1300 m2, we designed and built Villa En-Helion.

Despite the fact that the sun gets hidden behind the mountain soon in the evenings, the eastern side of Pelion remains sunny all day long. That’s where Villa En-Helion took its name, as in greek, enhelion (εν-ήλιον) means a sunny place.

The most of the surrounding land of the building, remains either natural or organized as a tree and vegetable garden, open to any guest interested in an alternative “agrofriendly” way of holidays.

The building of Villa En-Helion is consisted of three floors. The ground floor is on the same level with the veranda, the wooden deck and the garden.

The entrance of the Villa is on the second floor at the same level of the road where there is also space available for parking.

In front of the ground floor of the Villa, is where it lies maybe the most attractive spot of the place.

A large paved veranda of 100 m2 and a wonderful timber deck of 120 m2 seem to “hover” over the green slope and the blue of the sea.


At the north-eastern side of Pelion there are several seasides that can be either approached by car or on foot through developed pave ways in the forest.

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