Welcome to Villa En-Helion, in Pelion, Greece

for quality holidays in the Nature, with the warm hospitality of Stasinopoulos family

Stasinopoulos family from Athens (Yiannis, Soso and their son Stefanos) have created a traditional guesthouse in Anelion village, at the north-eastern side of mountain Pelion.

We always loved this special place

and at early 2002 we decided to create

“Villa En-Helion”,

a friendly guesthouse that respects the environment, the traditional architecture & and the local culture.

Built with love and care it is located on a green-colored slope above Agios Ioannis village and with a great view of the Aegean Sea for company, “Villa En- Helion” is ready to offer you and your friends the famous greek hospitality.

(3278/21-6-2012 – ΔΟΥ Κηφισιάς & Αρ.Πρωτ. για Βραχυχρόνια Μίσθωση: Α.Α.Δ.Ε. 1292/21-2-2017)

Visit Villa Εn-Helion

and explore the real Nature and traditional culture of Ρelion !

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